pS-BUOY service


The perfSONAR-PS perfSONAR-BUOY Measurement Archive (MA) functions as both a storage facility and a regular testing framework in conjunction with the BWCTL and OWAMP measurement tools. These archived measurements, stored in a MySQL database, are exposed through a web services interface.

The perfSONAR-BUOY MA provides a simple interface that is capable of exposing these files after basic configuration for consumption by perfSONAR client applications and services alike. The Web Service front end provides a uniform method of access using the perfSONAR XML protocols and delivers the data in an unambiguous manner, thus eliminating the mystery associated with the backend storage.

installation and configuration

General documentation for the perfSONAR-BUOY Service is available:

  • INSTALL - Installation instructions
  • README - Configuration information

Specific documentation for the perfSONAR-BUOY Service is available via text files through the download process.

mailing lists

perfsonar and performance-announce, hosted at, are publicly archived and open to subscriptions.